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For the past four months we have worked together with eight other Dutch students on a game called The Blob. The game was a school project for an outside client. The station area of the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands is getting a thorough face-lift, as the station and many buildings around it are being rebuilt. Our task was to make a game that plays in the station area as it will be ten years from now, so that while playing, the audience is informed about what is going to happen. The game was to be played in a centre with information about the changes, but also be downloadable for players at home. This means the main target audience will walk by, play for a few minutes, and then walk on, but it should also be fun for people who download the game.

The resulting game is The Blob. It is a 3D game in which the player controls a ball of paint rolling through the city. The ball can absorb coloured NPC’s to become larger and change its colour. With the paint, the player can then proceed to paint the entire city. Almost everything is paintable: buildings, trees, cars and using the paint trace even the ground. The main goal of the game is to paint all 17 landmark buildings. Hardcore fanatics can also try to collect all 50 coins that are hidden around the level.

The game is finished, so we are hoping many people will play it now! :)

The minimum system requirements for a nice framerate are about a 2ghz processor and 512mb RAM.

This is the team that made The Blob:

Jasper Koning: project lead/level designer/artist
Fabian Akker: lead level designer
David Vink: sound designer/level designer
Gijs Hermans: lead artist

Ralph Rademakers: artist
Fahrang Namdar: artist
Huub van Summeren: artist
Olaf Jansen: programmer
Joost van Dongen: lead programmer

And our supervisor from school: JP van Seventer

All of us are third year students in Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of the Arts, except Olaf, who is a fourth year student in Computer Science at Utrecht University, doing the master Game & Media Technology, and Joost who does both of these studies.

Inglisekeelne versioon (97mb)

Kui teil on tund-poolteist aega sellele pühendada, soovitan kindlasti. Nõnda lõbusat ja mängitavat (eriti veel 3D) indiemängu pole tükk aega näinud.

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