XB360 marketing galore

press start / 10.07.2006 23:01 / ~PeZ

See nii uskumatult halb idee, et ma pidin selle siia postima, BBSi asemel (btw fushi, hüppa msni ja seleta mulle kuidas see töötab täpselt :P):

The commercial should start out by having Shaq, in his Miami Heat uniform walking down a busy street with an Xbox 360 controller in his hand. There is a LARGE big screen TV in the heart of the city, just where Shaq is walking. As he walks he is playing games on the 360 via the big screen TV. He sees different people like Master Chief, Cortana, Marcus Fenix, Joanna Dark, Call of Duty® 2 Soldiers, Agent 47, and a few others. The controller just keeps on getting passed around and whoever gets the controller plays their own game. For instance, Master Chief would be playing Halo® 3. Marcus Fenix would be playing Gears of War®, Joanna Dark would be playing Perfect Dark Zero™, and so on. After that it gets handed to other Xbox 360 gamers and they play their favorite games, hence the name “Jump In”.”

Woburn , MA

2 Responses to “XB360 marketing galore”

  1. glaurung Says:

    Kui selles reklaamis on sees NINJA GAIDEN 2 XB360 jaoks ja seda mängib RYU HAYABUSA, siis olen mina müüdud.

    Neegritega võivad nad minu poolest burgereid reklaamida.

  2. fushi Says:

    Mine BBS’i, all on textfield, sisesta… milles probleem?